One of the most important discoveries of modern medicine is the endocannabinoid
system. This wonderful molecular system plays a major role in our body. Maintains its
optimal functioning, regulates many of our important biological functions, such as

sleep, appetite, motor skills. CBD and hundreds of hemp's useful components supports the
proper functioning of our endokannabinoid system, the internal balance of our body.

Our job is to keep the most of these natural ingredients in our products




We grow our hemp without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Special attention is payed to use fertile soil conditions and to stay chemical fertilizer free from sowing through to harvest. RAMHEMP uses European Union’s approved hemp seeds which guarantee the legal limits of THC in our flower material. Our products are PAHs ( Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons )  free, meaning that we remove these naturally occurring harmful compounds which comes from burning fossil fuels, wood, trash and such.

Learn about PAHs




What does this mean? A full spectrum product contains other
cannabinoids (in larger amounts CBDa, CBG, CBN)
besides of CBD

and terpenes. Natural, full-spectrum products are the closest to the
biochemical carneval found in the living cannabis plant.






Our CBD products are tested by Europe's leading Cannabis laboratories.
We provide independent laboratory analysis on each RAMHEMP product.







You will find a Lot or Batch number on the box of each original RAMHEMP drop and extract.
These are unique identification numbers we use to mark a certain production volume.
Independent lab reports contain these identification number on their test report so it's easy
to connect a product to the relevant lab analysis.  Among others, they certify the

product cannabinoid content, but these reports include, for example
heavy metal analysis and pesticides as well as PAHs.